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January 2018

Filter Screen

Happy New Year! We've rolled out a long-requested feature. The "Any/All" Selector!

You now have the ability to create schedules where Tasks match "Any" of your selected Tags or "All" of your selected Tags. Here's a couple of examples:

"I want to send the cast a schedule of all Rehearsals and Performances!"

       No Problem. Just select "Rehearsal" and "Performance" categories and choose "ANY". This will tell Propared to include tasks with either "Rehearsal" or "Performance" tags.

"I want to see the Load In schedule for the Lighting department!"

       Me too! Grab your "Load In" and "Lighting" Tags and choose "ALL". This will tell Propared to ONLY include tasks that contain both "Load In" and "Lighting" tags.

Click here to learn more!


December 2017

Access Screen

  1. We moved the Access Screen up into the User Drop-Down Menu in the upper right of your screen. If you can't find it, that's where it will be!  :)

Departments, Categories, Roles, & Groups

  1. These are no longer case sensitive. If you type "Lighting" but previously created "lighting" you won't be prompted to enter a new Department.


  1. Fixed a bug where the Save/Cancel buttons weren't displaying in the Filter Screen.


November 2017

Filter Schedules (Public Links & Emails)

  1. Venue Schedules! In Filter Settings, you can now create schedules that are grouped by Location (instead of by date or project). 
  2. You can now batch delete filters to quickly get rid of all those pesky schedules that are hanging around from last year.
  3. We updated how dates & times are displayed for overnight calls so you can see more information. Now you won't have to scroll back and forth between 2 days to see all the details.
  4. We also fixed a bug that was causing some Public Links and Calendar Feeds to not load properly (Thanks, Mike for helping us figure this one out).


  1. We updated the section headers of Reports to display Departments instead of Groups.


October 2017

  1. We split Departments and Groups into 2 separate lists. Now you won't see pesky Departments showing up in your Groups.
  2. We also optimized the Timeline and Filter screens to help them churn through your schedules a little faster.
  3. When emailing out a Filter Schedule and picking a Timezone, Propared will remember that Timezone now so you don't have to re-select it each time.


September 2017

  1. You can now shift tasks in the timeline by any number of Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, or Years!
  2. We updated the Contacts and Access screen so they now default to your Company Portfolio. This should cut down on the amount of switching back and forth between Portfolios.
  3. We fixed a bug where some tasks weren't showing up in the Week View of the Visual Timeline. 

August 2017

We spent the month fixing a particularly annoying bug where daylight savings time was messing up our Project Cloning Feature. Special thanks to Robert Hand from American Conservatory Theatre for helping us figure it out!


July 2017

Timeline (lots to cover here... get ready!):

  1. We added shiny new quick-filters for your task types. Now, with a single click, you can show/hide Bookings, Work Calls, Feeds, and Events.
  2. We reduced the white-space between rows so you can cram more scheduling goodness onto your screen.
  3. We added the word "All" to the "Show All Projects" button (probably something we should have done from day 1).
  4. We updated the "Duration" column so that when a duration is longer than 24 hours we display it in Days.


  1. We removed the default lists of Roles, Departments, Groups, and Categories from the program. Now, the only tags you'll see are the ones you create!
  2. And speaking of seeing tags, when you click into a field, you'll be presented with every option possible. No more guessing!


  1. We removed the line at the top of paperwork email to sign in. Less confusion, more paperwork!

Fun Fact: The average person spends 6 months of their life waiting on a red light to turn green.


June 2017

Schedule Filters (Web Links, Calendar Feeds, & Emails):

  1. With our shiny new "Today Forward" button you can make schedules that dynamically update to only show Tasks in the future! No more scrolling through past weeks of Tasks just to get to today!
  2. For Schedules that span multiple Projects, we moved the Project Name next to the task name to make it easier to find. This will also make the Project Name appear in Calendar Feeds.
  3. When you assign a Role to a Task it now displays in all Schedules.
  4. We added a Duration column to CSV downloads. This should make crunching payroll and time-sheets much easier.
  5. We also fixed a spelling mistake that we're a little too embarrassed to point out if you hadn't already found it.  :)

Subscription Screen:

  1. We use a service called Recurly to handle our subscription management. Now, when you visit your subscription screen you'll be taken straight to your actual Recurly billing page so you can get your info straight from the horse's mouth! This will cut down on the amount of information being passed back and forth to Propared and make for a faster experience.


  1. If there is only 1 Project displayed, we removed the annoying paging tool and just show you the whole project. I know, right? Now, you'll only see paging tools if you click "Show All Projects".

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Timeline Screen: Batch editing "Time" also changed dates in certain situations.
  2. Printing Schedule Filters: Some pages were being left off when printing in Chrome web browsers.

Fun Fact: If you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it can't hop.


May 2017

  • Projects Overview Tasks: When you create a new Project, we'll automatically create a special Overview Task in your Timeline that stores basic info about it. We updated the Month View of the Visual Timeline to show only these Tasks giving you a nice high-level overview of your upcoming shows and events!
  • Support: You can now chat with us anytime from within Propared! Just click on the blue icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Language Update: We changed Team "Departments" to "Groups" to reduce confusion with "Departments" in the Timeline.
  • Emailing Filters:
    • Public URLs & Calendar Links are now automatically sent when emailing (removed the check-boxes).
    • We moved the Calendar Links to the top of the email to make it more prominent.
  • Visual Timeline:
    • Month view now only displays Project Info Tasks.
    • Visual Timeline: We switched the default view to Month.
  • Timeline Pagination: Paging the Timeline now resets the scroll to the top of the page.
  • Fun Fact: When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.


April 2017

  • Timeline: Ability to batch edit Dates and Times independently. This allows you to grab a block of tasks in one day, clone them, and change the date without affecting the existing times.
  • Emailing Filters: Fixed a bug that did not automatically highlight changes.


March 2017

  • Filters:
    • Added a new field for selecting the timezone in which the schedule should be displayed
    • Simplified the UI for adding a new Schedule Filter
  • New Trials: Removed sample project data from New Subscriptions
  • Fun Fact: Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.


February 2017

  • Visual Timeline: Updated so it is now multi-project by default
  • All Screens: Added a helpful pop-over for each screen in Propared.
  • Fun Fact: Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.


December 2016

  • Timeline: The Visual Timeline feature is now available in Week View, with an individual Project Timeline breakdown for up to six Projects at a time
  • Timeline: The Month Visual view now saves the updated state of the Task after changing the view
  • User Interface: There is now a hover state when you mouse-over Tasks view on the Visual Timeline
  • User Interface: The Help button is no longer blocking the main content section on the Visual Timeline
  • User Interface: The helper text is now displayed when the current Visual Timeline view has no Tasks
  • User Interface: Sidebar Panel headline text will now display in the original case instead of uppercase
  • Paperwork: Clicking the Paperwork button when viewing a piece of Paperwork will now bring you back to the Paperwork List screen
  • Timeline: The Add some now link in the helper text is no longer available for Archived Projects
  • Timeline: A nameless Contact, listed with a Role is now properly displayed when adding to Timeline Tasks
  • Timeline: The Timeline helper text now appears correctly when the Timeline range doesn't have any Tasks
  • Timeline: The Week Visual View date and time display errors have been resolved
  • Timeline: The Show/Hide Tasks button now appears correctly when navigating around the Week Visual View
  • Timeline: The Add New Tasks link in the helper text now functions properly in the Visual View
  • Paperwork: The Tasks listed in a Call Sheets are no longer listed alphabetically instead of chronologically
  • Fun Fact: Propared pairs well with gorgonzola cheese, cold-water shellfish, and any pork product you can find.

November 2016

  • Paperwork: The name of the Paperwork is now displayed in title bar when viewing and editing Paperwork
  • Paperwork: If a Space is referenced in a piece of Paperwork, the corresponding Place name will also appear
  • Paperwork: The Department and Category columns will now appear on Schedules
  • Projects: The Category column is now visible when viewing your list of accessible Projects
  • Projects: You can now also sort Projects by their State, Category, or Portfolio 
  • Team: Phone numbers and email addresses are now saved after adding a Contact from the Contacts page
  • Team: You can now search via information in the Notes field while adding a Team Member
  • Timeline: The Timeline information of the previously selected view is no longer displayed on the screen
  • Timeline: Team Members can now be a added to multiple Timeline Tasks at once
  • Paperwork: The + Paperwork button will now function after refreshing the Paperwork page
  • Projects: The page no longer hangs after refreshing and selecting a Project to view
  • Access: There is no longer an error when granting Project Manager or Project Viewer access 
  • Account: Owners and Administrators now have editing access to Paperwork shared to them from Inactive Projects
  • Fun Fact: Propared is sustainably farmed and contains at least 40% recycled materials.

October 2016

  • Contacts: Contacts can now be imported into the application from a .CSV file
  • Contacts: States and Provinces can now be entered manually instead of having to choose from a dropdown menu
  • Timeline: Contacts listed without a Last Name, but with a Preferred Name are listed with the Preferred Name in the Timeline
  • Fun Fact: Propared is learning to play the glockenspiel.
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