Getting Around Propared (5 minutes)


This article shows all the screens in Propared.

Home Screen

When you first sign into Propared, you'll land on the Home Screen, which shows recently updated Projects as well as any Tasks that have been assigned to you. On the right, there's a summary of your account information and any Portfolios you have access to.


The Contacts screens lists all of your Contacts (People, Organizations, Places and Spaces) for use throughout Propared. Think of it as your company's shared address book or resource list.

To speed up setup, you can import your contacts from a .CSV or vCard file.

Each Portfolio that you manage has its own dedicated Contacts list. If you have access to more than one Portfolio, you'll see a “Portfolio Selector” where you can choose which Portfolio you’d like to focus on.


The Projects screen lists all Projects that you have access to. You can create new Projects here if you are an Owner or an Admin on a Portfolio.


The Access screen shows you a list of everyone with viewing or editing privileges to your Portfolio. From this screen you can assign Administrators, Project Managers and Project Viewers.

If you have more than one Portfolio, you'll see a “Portfolio Selector” where you can choose which Portfolio you’d like to focus on.


The Project Team is a list of all the Contacts involved in a particular Project. Here you'll add Roles and Groups to organize your Team.

The Project Team is tied to your Contacts list. Changes to contact information will update everywhere in your Portfolio.

In the center of your menu you'll see a “Project Selector” so you can choose which Project you’d like to work on.


The Timeline is your logistics hub housing all schedule and task information for your project. Each line in the Timeline can be an Event, Work call, Booking, or Calendar feed.

Tasks may be entered with or without date/time information and can be tagged with Departments, Categories, Locations, and Team Members. Using the filtering tool, you can easily find only the Tasks you need to see.

You can also import schedules from .CSV files, or sync in an outside calendar feed from places like Google, Outlook, or iCal.

Visual Timeline

The Visual Timeline displays a list of all the Tasks, Work Calls and Calendar Feeds from your Project in a calendar-style Week and Month views. It contains all the functionality of the standard Project Timeline, including the ability to add or edit Tasks.


The Filters Screen is where you will create and manage all of your Schedule Filters. Using Propared’s tagging system, you can create schedules and send them to anyone on your Team as web links,  calendar feeds, and emails.

Filters are dynamically updating. As you add Tasks that match the criteria of the Filter, they will appear automatically on your schedules.


The Paperwork screen allows you to create Contact Lists, Schedules, Call Sheets, and Reports based on pre-built Propared templates. Here, documents are less dynamic than Filter schedules but more customizable. Paperwork can be shared internally within Propared or emailed to your team.

User Menu

Your User Menu is in the upper right corner. This is where you can change your password, set your display preferences and manage your paid Subscriptions.

Next Steps

Nice Job! Now that you have a good handle on how to get around, check out our Getting Started Guide to get up and running quickly.

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