How to Add Email Addresses to Your Profile


This article explains how to add email addresses to your User Profile.

1. Go to Contacts and Select your Personal Portfolio

Your Personal Portfolio will be your name.


2. Find your Contact Record

Type your name into the search bar and press ENTER to find your contact record. It should have the "owner" icon which looks like a little planet.


3. Update your Contact Record

Click on your contact record in the list and then click "Update Contact" to the right of the sidebar panel.


4. Click "Add Another Email"


Click on the Add Another Email button.

5. Add Additional Email Address(es)

Add as many additional email addresses as you need.  A confirmation message will be sent to each address that you add.

Any time another User shares Project information to one of these email addresses, that information will appear in your Propared account.

You can also select a preferred email address for sending all of your Propared correspondence.

6. Save & Done


Once you’re finished, click the green Save button in the sidebar panel to complete your changes.

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