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Frequently Asked Questions relating to paid Subscription Plans for Propared.

How do I renew my Subscription?

All Propared Subscriptions renew automatically, so you can stay focused on your work.

What happens when I upgrade my Subscription?

Subscription upgrades take effect right away. Our billing department will prorate the difference for the remainder of your billing cycle, and charge your card immediately.

Your original billing date will remain the same, and all future account renewals will be processed at the new, higher Subscription rate.

What happens when I downgrade my Subscription?

Subscription downgrades on Freelancer plans take effect at your next renewal date. If you downgrade in the middle of your billing cycle, you will keep the current, higher Subscription access until your renewal date, at which time the downgrade will take effect.

Subscription downgrades on Group plans take effect immediately. You should reconcile any Administrator and Project Manager access prior to downgrading, otherwise you may lose editing privileges to your Projects until the Subscription has been upgraded again.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

Paid Subscriptions plans can be cancelled at any point by simply downgrading to our one of free account types, either the Collaborator or Archived Group plans. You can always upgrade to a paid Subscription plan again whenever you need.

Each Portfolio you manage has a separate Subscriptions page, so be sure to choose the correct Portfolio from the User Menu before downgrading your account.

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