Understanding Contacts in Propared


This article explains how Contacts are handled in Propared.


Contacts represent People, Organizations, and Locations (Places and Spaces) in Propared. The Contacts list is located in the Portfolio View, and Contacts can be connected to any Project when they are added into the Team section for that Project.

Updating information about a Contact will automatically take effect throughout your entire Portfolio. This way you can be confident that your information will be correct everywhere.

Contact Features



The Information section contains general details about your Contacts including phone numbers, addresses, emails addresses, etc.

In this section you have the option to select the preferred email address you’d like Propared to use to when sending out emails on your behalf.


Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar

Every Contact has an Availability Calendar that you can use to track periods of time when they are unavailable. Propared will also check against this calendar when you attempt to assign a Team member to any Timeline event, or Booking in a Work Call.


Project History

Project History

Propared keeps track of a Contact’s history in every Project of your Portfolio. You’ll be able to see a complete history of all Projects you’ve worked on with this Contact as well as the role they fulfilled.




Propared keeps track of a Contact’s working relationships on your Projects. You can use this section indicate that one of your Contacts may be the assistant of someone else on your Team, or that someone works for a particular venue.


Types of Contacts


A Person represents an individual, such as a coworker, employee, or freelancer.


An Organization represents a group or company (e.g. Rental Shop, Client, Vendor).


A Place represents a physical location (e.g. Theater, Hotel, Convention Center).


A Space represents a specific area that's located within a given Place (e.g. Studio 3, Loading Dock, Lobby).  A Space allows you to record separate information about each area, as well as communicate location-based specifics with much more detail in your Projects.

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