Tagging, Filtering, Searching


This article explains how to use Tags as a powerful aid for searching, filtering, and selecting information in Propared.



A Tag is a way for Users to classify various items throughout Propared, including:

  • Tasks
  • Team Members
  • Work Calls
  • Paperwork

Tags are broken up into several conceptual groupings

  • Roles / Specialties
  • Departments
  • Categories

For your convenience, we’ve populated Propared with the most common Tags from the live event industry, but you can also make an unlimited number of custom Tags on-the-fly to suit your needs.

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With Propared’s filtering tool, you can focus on specific parts of a list by selecting which Tags to view. Filtering is currently available in the Team and Timeline and when creating Contact Lists and Schedules (using the Advanced Add feature).




Searching allows you to type in any text and find items in a list that match it. Searching is currently available in most screens within Propared.

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