How to Reset your Password Outside of Propared


Forgot your password? This article explains how to reset your password outside of Propared. To learn how to reset your password in Propared, click here.

1. Navigate to the Sign In Page

Navigate to the sign in page for Propared:


2. Click the Password Reset Link

Password Reset Link

Click the Unable to access your account? link to begin the password reset process.

3. Enter Your Email Address

Submit Your Email Address

You will be prompted to enter an email address so the password reset link can be sent to you.

4. Check Your Email

Check Your Email

A message from should arrive to your email inbox.  Please check your spam or junk messages in case you don't see it.

5. Click the Link in Your Email

Click the link in the email to create a new password.

6. Create a New Password

Create a New Password

Create a new password, following the rules on the screen. Your new password will need to be at least 16 characters long, however there are no requirements for any numbers, capital letters or symbols. Try using a combination of words (like peanutbutterandjelly) if you're having a trouble getting to the 16 character count.

Ready To Work

Ready To Work

Once your new password has been created you're ready to go.  Happy Project-ing!

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