How to Import your Contacts


This article explains how to import your personal contacts to your Portfolio Contact List.

Exporting Your Contacts

Most email providers support the vCard or .CSV format for contact management. Follow the directions for your email service to export and save your contacts. If your email provider is not listed here, or you have questions regarding this process, please contact Propared Support.

Exporting Gmail Contacts

Exporting Apple Contacts

Exporting Microsoft Contacts


Navigate to Contacts and Select your Portfolio

Click on the Contacts button to access the Contacts list for the desired Portfolio.

Import From vCard File

In the upper right corner of the Contacts screen, click the Import Contacts button. Select the vCard file that you exported and saved earlier.

Your Contacts are Loading

Your Contacts are Loading

You can see the status of your vCard import, or click Cancel if you wish to stop the process.

Import Completed Successfully

Import Completed Successfully

Once your vCard import is complete, click Done to return to your Contacts list.

Ready To Work

Your Contacts will now appear in your Contacts list, and you're ready to add them to your Project Teams!

Import from .CSV File

This animated graphic shows the steps for importing a .CSV file into Propared. Check out our import templates for fast and easy formatting options.

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