Propared v2.0 Release Notes


Project Management Features:

  • Users who sign up for a 30-day trial subscription will have access to a few pre-populated Sample Projects in Propared to help inspire your workflow within the application
  • The Portfolio owners, Project Managers, and Administrators will automatically be listed in the Project Team view, making it easier to manage your project
  • Now you can add people to a Work Call from your Address Book - they are no longer required to be on your Project Team


  • Schedules are now more flexible and can show or hide the Notes column as needed
  • We’ve added the ability for those viewing shared Paperwork to highlight changes since it was last updated

Portfolio Management Features:

  • More flexibility with vCard contact imports - we’ve added the ability to import country information in addition to city and state for user’s contacts
  • Added flexibility with Locations - create Spaces on-the-fly with out the need to have a related Place already in the Address Book
  • Archived Group Subscriptions plan - similar to the free Collaborator account, this feature will allow you to downgrade your Group Subscription to an archived state, allowing you to use Propared as needed - just upgrade your Subscription again when you are ready to work

General Usability Improvements:

  • Auto-complete suggestions now indicate if someone is on your Project Team vs. in your Address Book
  • Ability to create new contacts (all types) from anywhere in the application on-the-fly
  • Contacts are now searchable within the application by a new field called Preferred Name in the Address Book
  • Custom tags are now available to use Portfolio-wide, no longer just on a per Project basis
  • Minor visual improvements for viewing the Availability Calendar of a contact
  • Improved design and layout for the detail sidebar (right-side of the screen) across the whole application
  • More professional and brand-consistent emails notifications and invitations from within the application
  • Easier navigation and new user interface improvements for Subscriptions up/downgrades
  • You’ll be notified with an on-screen security message if you are automatically signed out of the application due to inactivity
  • Your Projects will auto-archive when you downgrade to a free account from either a Personal or Group Subscription
  • Improved infrastructure and dedicated email handling for application invites and Paperwork sharing
  • Redundant server end-points and extended security validation with upgraded SSL certificates


  • There were over 90+ bug fixes in this release - please contact Support for a complete list.
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