Which Plan Is Right For Me?


How to determine which Subscription plan is best for your workflow.

Check out this short video that highlights the different Subscription plans available in Propared!

Feature Video: Choosing the Right Subscription

Freelancers - A Portfolio For You

Propared for Freelancers is built around the essential daily tasks of managing your own Projects. It's the easiest way to track your work, collaborate with colleagues, and keep others up-to-date. These plans are ideal for freelancers and people who work for themselves.

If you have Propared for Freelancers, your Projects will be stored in your Personal Portfolio.

Organizations - A Portfolio For Your Company

Propared for Organizations is customizable for all kinds of teams. A separate collection of Projects for the company is accessible only to the people you choose, allowing them to manage information across the company Portfolio as needed. These plans are ideal for people who work for one or more organizations, but may also take on their own Projects as well.

If you have Propared for Organizations, your Projects will be stored in your Company Portfolio instead of your Personal Portfolio. To upgrade your existing Propared account to include Propared for Organizations, please visit the Subscriptions page.

For more information about the different plans available and to find what's best for your needs, please visit our Pricing page.

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