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Frequently Asked Questions relating to Billing and User Accounts for Propared.

How much is Propared and what Subscription types do you offer?

Propared is an annual subscription service based on the number of Propared users in your organization. For details about plans and pricing options, please feel free to get in touch.

Do you offer Free Trials?

Yes, we offer 30-day free trials for all subscriptions.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. All payments are processed in $USD, and can we process billing for the United States, Canada, Australia, and countries located within the European Union.

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At this time we do not accept checks or invoices to be paid at a later date.

How do I update my billing information?

Billing information can be updated by visiting the Subscriptions page and clicking the Billing Info button. Each Portfolio you manage has a separate Subscriptions page, so be sure to choose the correct Portfolio from the dropdown menu before updating any billing information.

Only Portfolio Owners can update billing information. Administrators and Project Managers do not have access to billing information.

How do I view my billing history and print invoices?

All billing history and invoices can be found by visiting the Subscriptions page, and clicking the Billing History button.

Do you collect sales tax?

Yes, we do collect applicable sales tax based on local and state regulations for Software as a Service (SaaS) products. Your monthly invoice will indicate whether sales tax as been collected.

I’m tax exempt, how do I provide proof to you?

Please email us at billing@propared.com with your tax exempt certificates and we will update your account as soon as possible.

PLANNED FEATURE: We are working with CertCapture to automate the tax exemption certification process for Propared. When complete, you will be able to enter your company tax exempt information and upload certificates directly into Propared from the Subscriptions page. Your tax exempt status will then be automatically updated and applied to all future invoices.

I work in many places, can I have more than one Freelancer Subscription plan?

You can only have one Freelancer Subscription plan, however, you can add as many email addresses to your account profile as you need. Even if you use multiple email addresses for all the different places you work, other Users can reach you no matter which email they know.

Propared stores all Project information that has been shared with you at any of these email addresses inside a single Personal Portfolio for easy access. (For more information, see related article: Adding Email Addresses To Your Profile)

I have a Personal Portfolio, how do I add a Company Portfolio?

Visit the Subscriptions page and click the Add A Group button to setup a Group Subscription, which includes a separate Company Portfolio for your organization.

How do I transfer ownership of my Company Portfolio to another account?

Currently there is no option within the application to transfer ownership of a Propared Subscription or Portfolio. Please email support@propared.com for more information.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, except as specifically outlined in our Terms of Service.


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