Notes About Annual Subscriptions


Frequently Asked Questions relating to the new Annual Subscriptions plans and pricing.

Can I Upgrade from Monthly Billing to an Annual Subscription?

Yes. Upgrades from monthly billing to Annual Subscriptions take place immediately. Propared will pro-rate the unused portion of your monthly charge and apply it towards your account as a credit. The total charge for your Annual Subscription may be slightly less that anticipated, depending on any credit you may receive.

To create a new Propared account with annual billing, first sign up for the Subscription plan that fits you best, and start your 30-day trial. Your account can then be upgraded to the Annual Subscription plan from within the application, via the Subscriptions page.

Do I Still Receive a Free Trial?

Yes, Users who sign up for a new Annual Subscriptions will still receive a 30-day free trial, prior to any payment processing. Users may still downgrade before the trial period ends in order to avoid any charges to their credit card. 

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