Propared v4.0 Release Notes


New Features and Major Improvements

New Time Range Selectors in the Timeline

  • View Project information by day, week, month, or a custom range
  • Improved response time and quicker navigation through the Timeline

Merged Work Calls into Timeline

  • All logistics information for a given Project is on one screen
  • New Tasks can be created as an Event or a Work Call
  • Creating an Event follows the same workflow as creating Tasks did originally
  • New Work Calls automatically create a Booking slot when adding Team members
  • Call Sheets can be auto-generated directly from the Timeline screen

Booking Screen

  • New single-screen location to manage all of labor information across an entire Project

 Send Booking Request Emails

  • Send automated Booking Request emails (with labor details and notes) to check your Team’s availability for specific Work Calls

 Branded Paperwork

  • Upload a show or company logo for each Project you create within a Portfolio
  • Printed and PDF'd Paperwork will include the logo in the upper right corner

 Cloning Paperwork & Templates

  • Duplicate any piece of existing Paperwork to create templates for each Project

 Send Group vCard File with Contact Lists

  • Published Contact Lists can include a vCard file attachment for importing Project-related contact information into a personal address book

 Annual Subscriptions

  • Annual Subscription Plans options for both Freelancers and Organizations
  • Subscription pricing incentives when signing up for an Annual Subscription Plan

 EU & Canada Subscriptions

  • Full international billing support for Canada and countries within the European Union

 FERPA Compliance

  • Backend and operational improvements to ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Minor Feature Improvements

  • Improved date formatting in the Timeline screens to improve accuracy for global Users
  • Additional columns viewable on Timeline screen including Status, Type, Notes and Team
  • Simplified screen naming - Project Central into Projects, Project Team into Team
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