How to Create a Project


Whether you manage shows, events, meetings, parties, or conferences - everything starts as a Project. In Propared, Projects are created and housed in your Portfolio.

2. Name the Project and add Details

Project Details

In the Project Details section, start by giving the Project a name, dates, and timezone. (1)

The other available fields will allow you add more detailed information to your Project:

  • Add a Project logo on Paperwork for company branding
  • Add Category Tags and Project notes

Then just hit Save! (2)

Once you’re finished, click the green Save button in the sidebar panel to complete your changes.

3. View Your Project Details

Once you've clicked the green Save button, the Project will appear in your list with details visibile in the Detail Sidebar. In addition to the details you entered you'll also see...

  1. Your dedicated Project Calendar Feed which pulls in all information from your Project Timeline. The link is compatible with any standard calendar program so anyone can subscribe to it. Any changes or updates you make will be instantly reflected your calendar.
  2. A set of links that will take you in to any part of your newly-created project!
Project Details
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