Propared v4.1 Release Notes


Internet Calendar Feed Import

The biggest new feature of them all is the Internet Calendar Feed Import. Now you can import events onto your Timeline from outside calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook) that have already been created, whether by you or someone else. The imported calendar feed acts as a base, and the event date and time information cannot be changed. Once imported into the application however, you can add or change other fields as needed. The imported calendar feeds can be kept up-to-date manually by simply clicking the refresh button in Sidebar Panel. Our change tracking color-codes are used to indicate added, updated or removed events from the original calendar, just like they currently track changes in updated Paperwork.

We’re still working to implement some improvements for repeating calendar feed events, please see our Importing and Syncing External Calendars video for more details.

New Default Start Screen

When you first sign in to Propared, you’ll now land on the Projects screen, which defaults to showing all the Projects to which you have access - either yours or from other Propared Users.

Vocabulary/Language Changes

We’ve made a few vocabulary changes that you’ll see as you navigate around the application. We removed the phrase Address Book, and that screen will now just be known as Contacts.

Instead of Collaborator Access, when you designate a managing role to someone on your Team, that screen is now just called Access. We removed the Profile screen in the Portfolio View, and you’ll now have the ability to adjust a few account Settings on how to display information.

Alternate Date & Time Formats

From the Settings screen you can now set personal preferences for displaying dates and times in your Timeline, Bookings, Work Calls and Paperwork. Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time formatting, as well as international or standard date formatting. If you receive published Paperwork via email from another Propared User, the date and time formatting in the email will match their account preferences, which may be different than yours.

Edit Your Profile in Contacts

Since the Profile screen is no longer used, you can make any changes to your own information via the Contacts screen, just like any other Team Member in your Portfolio.

Sidebar Panel Improvements

We’ve updated a few elements in the Sidebar Panel to improve it’s functionality, starting by showing the Sidebar Panel as open by default, and with improved icons and buttons to hide it when it’s not needed. The Sidebar Panel also stays persistent as you navigate around to different screens in the application.

Top Level Navigation

A few other improved navigational features are the dropdown menu and buttons located at the top of the application. Instead of clicking the Propared logo to change between Project and Portfolio views, you now have two dedicated buttons that indicate and change your views. We’ve also centered the dropdown menu used when choosing which Projects or Portfolios are displayed.

Time Range Quick Select Buttons

More great new features are the Quick Select buttons, which are now available when selecting time ranges in the Sidebar Panel. You can easily jump between the last, current or next dates in any of the standard views, or set a custom range for yourself. The date ranges in the Sidebar Panel are also directly connected to the Timeline display, so when you choose any date range in the Sidebar Panel, the Timeline will automatically update to match the view of your selection.

Improved Conflict Notifications

Our Conflict Notification feature will give you some visual feedback if you’ve double-booked a Team Member on a Project. To see details of the conflict, just click the conflict icon on the Bookings screen, or open the Sidebar Panel if viewing a Work Call on the Timeline.

Create Work Calls On-The-Fly

You can also create new Work Calls on-the-fly directly from the Bookings screen. Simply click the +Booking button and start typing the name of your new Work Call. Once you’ve added your labor slots, the new Work Call will appear on your Bookings screen and on your Timeline.

Work Calls & Bookings Improvements

Another big improvement for Work Calls & Bookings are a few system automations. When creating a Call Sheet from a Work Call, the location is now automatically added into that piece of Paperwork. If you add a Team Member to a labor Booking with a new job role, the new information is automatically added into the Team section for that Project. And if you add a new Booking slot to an existing Work Call, the date/time, as well as department information are also added by default.

Tag Tracking and Improvements

As you start adding Tags to events in the application, the auto-complete feature now indicates if a Tag has already been used in the Portfolio, in the Project, or if it’s a new Tag.

In-App Responsive Feedback/Tips

We’ve added some handy feedback text at the top of the Timeline to let you know if your current view does not display any events, maybe due to a filter or certain time range setting. Just click one of the helper links to change your view or add new events.

Help Widget

The question mark icon in the top of the screen was replaced with the new Help Widget, which is located in the lower left corner. Type a question or topic into the widget to read Support articles directly in the application, or submit a help request by clicking the Contact Us button.

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