How to Import and Sync External Calendars


As managers, we must often incorporate information from many sources into the planning of our projects. With Propared's internet calendar syncing features, you can now import and sync information from non-Propared calendars into your Project Timeline.

Video: Importing and Syncing External Calendars

1. Navigate to the Timeline and click "+ Task"

2. Select the Task Type "Feeds"


3. Name your Feed, Paste in the Calendar URL, and Save

  1. Enter a name for your Calendar Feed
  2. Paste in the Calendar Feed URL (click here for more info on where to find this link in various calendar applications)
  3. Click "Save"

4. View Your Tasks

  1. Tasks from the Calendar Feed will appear in your Timeline right alongside everything else. They'll have a special icon so you can tell them apart.
  2. You can re-sync, remove, and manage your calendar feeds at any time from the "+ Task" menu.

A Few Notes about Feeds

  1. You can update Task Details (Team, Location, Departments, & Categories) just like other Tasks.
  2. You can use Feed Tasks in Filter Schedules and Paperwork.
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