Getting Started Part 1 (10 Minutes)


This short to-do list will get you up and running quickly with a few of the most important features. Before jumping in, check out the Getting Around in Propared  article for a high-level tour of each area of the platform.

1. Create your First Project

A Project in Propared will usually represent an event (or series of events) such as a performance, lecture, festival, tour, conference, or other production.

Navigate to the Projects screen, Create a new Project, and give it a name.

2. Add Someone to your Team

Your Project Team is comprised of every Person, Organization, and Location involved in your Project. They could be internal staff, part-time employees, contractors, vendors, clients, venues and everyone in between.

Add a Team Member. If you have them, include their email, role, and any groups you'd like to add them to.

Once added, this person will appear in your Contacts for later use. You can also import Contacts to speed up the process even further.

3. Add Tasks to your Timeline

A Task in Propared represents a specific "thing" that will occur during some stage of your Project. It could be a meeting, deadline, to-do, crew call, arrival, departure, pickup, delivery, goal, cue, or anything in between.

Add Tasks to your Project Timeline. While doing so, you can link any Contacts you've created using the Team and Location fields (or just create them as you go). You can also group tasks using Department and Category Tags.

If you already have some schedule information you'd like to use, you can also import from spreadsheets (.CSV files) and sync external calendar feeds.

4. Create a Schedule for your Project

Once your Project Timeline is filled with beautiful details, it's time to start sending schedules.

Schedules in Propared are simply subsets of your Timeline. They are created by navigating to the Filter screen and choosing which details from your Timeline you'd like to filter by. You can use virtually any criteria to build your Filter including Projects, Contacts, Locations, Departments, Categories, and more!

Propared automatically adds a schedule for every Project you create so assuming you've been following along you'll see your first schedule on the Filter screen waiting for you. Go ahead and click on it!

The schedule opens in a separate browser tab. You and your team can bookmark this link to revisit at any time to see the most up to date information.

5. Share your Schedule

And finally, it's time to email that Schedule!

Just click on the "Email" button on the right and decide who you want to send it to. You can include bookmark-able web links and subscribe-able calendar feeds.

You can even choose to highlight changes from previous versions!

Next Steps

Wasn't that easy?

Now that you've got the basics under your belt, it's time to learn how to incorporate Propared into your Organization. Give us a shout and we'll set up some time to chat!

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