Propared v4.2 Release Notes


Project Cloning and Templates

We're happy to introduce the ability to now clone any Project within your Portfolio. Project cloning is ideal for creating Project templates, which can drastically speed up your workflow, particularly if you're involved with similar types of events throughout the year. Once cloned, you can shift the entire Timeline of the Project to any new set of dates. Beyond simple templates, this is especially useful if you have recurring events, such as an annual gala or conference, or a performance series that has similar rehearsal and performance schedules.

Project Viewer Access

We’ve expanded the functionality of Project access to give you more flexibility when sharing information. You can now make any member of your Team a Project Viewer, giving them instant read-only access to your entire Project.

Cross-Project Editing

You no longer need to swap Projects in the dropdown menu in order to make changes to your Project details. From the Timeline screen of any Project, click the Show All Projects button and you can update Tasks from one or all of your Projects, all from the same screen.

Bookings Screen Improvements

We've added a new Duration column to the Bookings screen, which will now track the total length of each Booking slot across all your Work Calls. You also now have the ability to download a .CSV file of your current Bookings screen view, so that you can easily import those labor details into a payroll or human resources system.

Navigational Improvements

Finally, you'll likely notice some minor visual changes across the application such as new icons, improved details in the re-organized sidebar panels, and a few other tweaks, which aim to help you manage your work more efficiently.

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