Propared v4.4 Release Notes


New Features

  • Home Screen: When signing into the application, Users are now directed to the Home Screen, which gives a variety of details about their Projects, Portfolios and account information


  • Email Handling: Support of DMARC email handling to ensure application emails are not flagged as spam


  • Home Screen: The correct email address is now listed as the Primary email address
  • Home Screen: The See Timeline for all Projects link is now hidden if the User doens't have any Projects in their Portfolio
  • Home Screen: Bookings with past dates are no longer showing on the Home Screen
  • Home Screen: Subscription plan information is now displaying correctly
  • Password Reset: An blank page is no longer displayed when clicking the link in the reset email
  • Additional Emails: The additional email address is now properly added once the link in the verification email has been clicked
  • Timeline: When using the Tab button to navigate fields, the Sidebar Panel toolbar icons are no longer selected after Tabbing out of the last text field
  • Sign Up: If the wrong coupon code is entered, the User no longer receives a verification message
  • Paperwork: When changing Projects, the previously viewed Paperwork is no longer displayed on the screen

Fun Fact

  • Propared is certified organic and gluten-free.
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