Propared v4.5-55 Release Notes


 New Features

  • Timeline: Ability to clone Works Calls from the Timeline


  • Timeline: The Status field is now available for Work Calls and Calendar Feed events
  • Timeline: Improved UX behavior when using the Show All Projects button
  • Timeline: Repeated events are now visually represented with an icon
  • Timeline: Improved hyperlink navigation rules for links within a Project
  • Bookings: The order of columns has been rearranged on the Booking screen
  • Project View Screens: Ability to use any Contact type for Team or Location fields
  • Project View Screens: Filter icon is now consistent across the application
  • Contacts: Contact fields have been streamlined and optimized for consistency


  • Home Screen: Changing the name of an account owner is now reflected immediately
  • Timeline: Cloned Tasks are now displayed with a Project tag when using the Show All Projects button
  • Bookings: The Booking status is now set as Contacted for newly created multi-slot Bookings
  • Bookings: An error message no longer displays after deleting a Booking
  • Project View Screens: Ability to add a Contact by the Preferred Name field

 Fun Fact

  • Propared was accidentally discovered in 1746 by Dutch explorers who were originally looking for a way to manage their expeditions to The New World.
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