Propared v4.5 Release Notes


 New Features

  • Timeline: The new Visual View has been released, currently in Month View only


  • Team: Better text feedback is given when a Team member without a Role is selected
  • Timeline: The Sidebar Panel is no longer displayed in Visual Month View
  • Timeline: The Visual Timeline now shows the correct number of calendar weeks
  • Timeline: The Time Range selector is no longer displayed in the Day/Week views of the Visual Timeline
  • Timeline: The Timeline screen is now the default view for Projects screens
  • Sidebar Panel: When the Sidebar Panel is shown, a new icon is displayed
  • Contacts: Contact fields are now standard across all Contact types
  • Projects: The Projects screen is now the default view for Portfolio screens


  • Home Screen: The spinning icon is now displayed while loading the Home Screen
  • Timeline: The Toolbar buttons have been rearranged and new icons have been added
  • Timeline: The Visual View icon is now active all the time
  • Timeline: All Tasks in the Visual View are set for time zone of the current Project
  • Timeline: The Sidebar Panel will no longer close after dismissing the Time Range selector
  • Timeline: The Timeline grid and the Sidebar Panel now match when navigating around the Timeline
  • Timeline: Data selected via the Filter tool is now updated after changing to another Project
  • Timeline: After editing a Task, the address information of a previously added Location is no longer removed
  • Timeline: The Tasks from a shared Project no longer disappear clicking the Show All Projects button in the Visual View
  • Timeline: After adding a Task that falls outside the current time range, the Location and Team fields are no longer disabled
  • Timeline: The Sidebar Panel is no longer stayed open after navigating from the Visual View to the Team screen and back
  • Timeline: The Timeline screen no longer hangs after navigating between screens on a Project
  • Timeline: After creating a new Team member on-the-fly, a duplicate Conatct is no longer created
  • Timeline: After navigating from the Visual View to the Portfolio screen, the Show/Hide button is now properly displayed
  • Filter: The Filter tool no longer unexpectedly cleared after saving edited Tasks
  • Bookings: The Conflict icon is no longer displayed after deleting the conflicting Booking slot
  • Contacts: Email addresses with the underscore character are now acceptable
  • Contacts: The Relationship field is no longer removed after adding a contact to the Team page
  • Paperwork: Tasks are now displayed in the Advanced Add feature when building a Schedule
  • Settings: When using the 24-hour clock, "12:30" is no longer converted to display as "0:30"

Fun Fact

  • Propared is part of a balanced breakfast.
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