Propared v4.7.1 Release Notes


New Features 

  • Timeline: The Visual Timeline feature is new available in Week View, with an individual Project Timeline breakdown for up to six Projects at a time


  • Timeline: The Month Visual view now saves the updated state of the Task after changing the view
  • User Interface: There is now a hover state when you mouse-over Tasks view on the Visual Timeline
  • User Interface: The Help button is no longer blocking the main content section on the Visual Timeline
  • User Interface: The helper text is now displayed when the current Visual Timeline view has no Tasks
  • User Interface: Sidebar Panel headline text will now display in the original case instead of uppercase
  • Paperwork: Clicking the Paperwork button when viewing a piece of Paperwork will now bring you back to the Paperwork List screen


  • Timeline: The Add some now link in the helper text is no longer available for Archived Projects
  • Timeline: A nameless Contact, listed with a Role is now properly displayed when adding to Timeline Tasks
  • Timeline: The Timeline helper text now appears correctly when the Timeline range doesn't have any Tasks
  • Timeline: The Week Visual View date and time display errors have been resolved
  • Timeline: The Show/Hide Tasks button now appears correctly when navigating around the Week Visual View
  • Timeline: The Add New Tasks link in the helper text now functions properly in the Visual View
  • Paperwork: The Tasks listed in a Call Sheets are no longer listed alphabetically instead of chronologically

Fun Fact

  • Propared pairs well with gorgonzola cheese, cold-water shellfish, and any pork product you can find.
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