How to Share and Email Paperwork


This article explains how to share and email Paperwork from Propared.

Some Notes About Paperwork

Here are a few things to remember when creating, updating, and emailing Paperwork. 

Instant Sharing - Once you build a piece of Paperwork, simply select the Contacts you'd like to share it with, and Save. It will be instantly available to Users in their Propared accounts.

Instant Updating - Any updates that you make to Contact, Task or Work Call/Booking information will be automatically updated in the Paperwork, and Propared Users can see live updates in the application.


Some Important Changes

Since Paperwork now auto-updates with changes, there is no longer a need to publish it. You can always email a copy of it to your Contacts. (see below)

Compare With Previous Version - With the Paperwork's new auto-updating behavior, the Compare With Previous Version button has been disabled.

To select which Users you'd like to have receive your Paperwork, simply begin typing their name or Department Tag into the Paperwork Access & Sharing field.

Paperwork Sharing Status

Paperwork Sharing Status

The Shared Status Icon indicates whether a piece of Paperwork has been shared with other Users.

Creating & Sharing Paperwork

Creating & Sharing Paperwork

Once a User has been added to a piece of shared Paperwork, they'll have instant access to it in the Propared application. You can share Paperwork to individual Contacts, or to groups of people by using the Department Tag.

Emailing Paperwork

Emailing Paperwork

Once shared, the Paperwork is instantly available to a User in their Propared account, but you can send a copy of the Paperwork via email as well.

Some Notes About Emailing Paperwork

If you'd like Users to see information outside of the application, you'll simply just send an email copy of the Paperwork.

You can easily toggle between sending the email via the To field or BCC field, if you want to keep the recipient information private.

You can quickly begin sharing a piece of Paperwork by sending an email copy to a User.

You can remove recipients from email list to avoid sending duplicate information, however it will not remove sharing access for that User.



If you have any questions or concerns about how this update will affect you, please feel free to book a meeting time with Propared Support to discuss your specific workflow.

Happy Project-ing!

Team Propared

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