How to Grant Access in the Team Screen


This article explains how to designate managing access to other Propared Users in the Team Screen.

Please note the following:

  • Only Portfolio Owners may make someone an Administrator
  • Only Portfolio Owners or Administrators may make someone a Project Manager

1. Navigate to the Team Screen and Select the Desired Project

2. Select a Contact and Click the "Update" Button

From the Team Screen

Select the Access Type

Project Access & Sharing

In the Project Access & Sharing area, select either Administrator or Project Manager from the dropdown menu.

1. Save & Finish

Save & Done

Once you’re finished, click the green Save button in the sidebar panel to complete your changes.

A confirmation email will be sent to the preferred email address of the User who received managing access. The Project or Portfolio will be available in their Propared account the next time they sign in!


Project Access can also be updated from the Access screen. Click here to see how.

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