How to Add a Team Member to Your Project


This article explains how to add a Team Member to a Project Team.

1. Navigate to the Team Screen and Click "+ Team"

2. Type a Contact


Propared will suggest any matches from your Contacts List. If no match is found you'll be prompted to create a new Contact.

For new Person contacts you'll need to type a First Name and Last Name.

3. Add Email and Phone

Phone & Email

If you selected an existing Contact, any phone and email information will auto-complete from your Contacts List.

If it's a new Contact you can enter phone and email information here.

4. Add Roles & Departments

Roles and Departments are project-specific tags used to organize your team into groups and distribution lists. Each Contact may have different Roles and Departments for each Project Team they are part of.

If you select an existing Contact, any Roles and Departments listed in your Contacts List will auto-complete. You can make adjustments here without affecting the defaults.

Roles & Departments

5. Click "Add"

Once you're done, click the "Add" button to save!

Roles & Departments


Know a Role but not the Contact who will fill it? You can leave the contact blank and just fill in a Role.

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