How to Clone a Project


Many shows and events feature long lists of common elements. Perhaps you work with the same people over and over, or produce and annual festival that is similar from year to year. Or perhaps your overall work structure doesn't vary much from project to project.

Using Propared's Project Cloning tool you can set up templates or reuse information from last year's event to get you up and running even faster.

Video: Cloning Projects in Propared

1. Navigate to the Projects Screen and Select a Project

  1. Navigate to the Projects Screen
  2. Select the Project you'd like to Clone
  3. Click the "Clone Project" button.

2. Name the New Project and Choose how to Shift the Dates

Clone Project Details
  1. Give your new project a name.
  2. If you'd like, you may shift the dates of the new project in one of two ways...
    1. Relative to a specific Event in your Timeline (our personal favorite)
    2. By a specific unit of time (Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, or Years)

2.1. Shift Dates Relative to a Specific Event

Clone Project Details
  1. Enter a Task from the Timeline of your original Project that you'd like to use as a reference point (usually opening night or the first day of the event).
  2. Select the new date of the same Task in your new Project.
  3. Click "Yes, Do It!"

2.2. Shift Dates by a Specific Unit of Time

Clone Project Details
  1. Select how far forward or backward in time you'd like to shift the Timeline of the new Project.
  2. Click "Yes, Do It!"

3. View Your Project Details

Once you've confirmed, the new Project will appear in your Project list!

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