How to Share Filter Schedules


This article explains how to share Filter Schedules in Propared. Click here to learn how to create Filter Schedules.

1. Navigate to the Filter Screen, select a Filter Schedule, Click the "Email" button

2. Select Recipients and Write a Message

Filter Settings

The top half of the box is all about your recipients.

  1. To vs. BCC:
    • Select "Use To Field" if you want everyone to see who the email is sent to and be able to "Reply All"
    • Select "Use BCC Field" if you don't want your recipients to "Reply All"
  2. "To:"
    • Any Contact listed here who has an email address will receive the schedule.
    • Note: Propared will initially list any Contact who is mentioned in the schedule.
  3. "BCC Myself" - Select whether or not to BCC yourself on the email.
  4. "Personal Message" - write an optional personal message that will appear at the top of your email.

3. Choose your Additional Options and Send

Filter Settings

The bottom half of the box lists the finishing touches.

  1. Timezone - Since a schedule may contain information from multiple projects, you'll need to pick the timezone you'd like times displayed in.
  2. Schedule Layout
    • Spreadsheet - each item will appear in it's own row with it's own date & time (better for schedules with lots of multi-day events like long-term planning calendars).
    • Group By Day - Each day only appears once with all Tasks for that day grouped underneath it (better for schedules with lots of stuff happening in a single day like Production Schedules).
  3. "Calendar Feed" - Display the Calendar Feed Link in the body of your email.
  4. "Public Link" - Display the Public Link in the body of your email.
  5. "Highlight Changes" - Automatically highlight any Tasks that have been added or updated since you last sent this schedule. (note, you won't be able to choose this option the first time you send it).

Finally, you can Send or shoot yourself a Test to see what it will look like.

4. Go Home Early

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