How to Create a Contact


This article explains how to create a new Contact. To learn how to import your contacts click here.

1. Navigate to the Contacts Screen and Click "+ Contact"

2. Select the Contact Type

There are 4 types of Contacts in Propared

  1. Person - People (staff, contractors, client contacts, etc.)
  2. Organization - Companies (clients, vendors, etc.)
  3. Place - Locations with Addresses (the venue). Can be linked to Spaces.
  4. Space - Areas withing Places (breakout rooms, loading dock, lobby, etc) Can be linked to a Place.

3. Add Contact Details

Add any information about the Contact that you have.

  • When you add this Contact to a Project Team, all their info will come along for the ride!
  • Any updates you make to their name, phone numbers, and emails will be reflected everywhere.
  • Roles and Departments will auto-complete into the Team where you can adjust as necessary.

4. Save

Once you're done, click the green check mark to save!

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