How to Create a Contact Calendar Feed


This article explains how to create a Contact Calendar Feed.

Note that Contact Calendar Feeds are only available in Group Portfolios.

1. Navigate to the Contacts Screen, Select a Contact, and click the "update" button

2. Create the Contact Calendar Feed

  1. Click on the "Calendar Feed" icon or just scroll down.
  2. Click the check-box to create a Calendar Subscription Link for this contact.
Calendar Feed

3. Save

Once you're done, click the green check mark to save!


4. Share & Subscribe


You can Copy & Paste the calendar feed link from Propared into any standard calendar application as a calendar subscription.

Once subscribed, you can see every Task and Booking that the selected Contact has been assigned to across all your Projects. Any changes you make in the Project Timelines will be reflected in your shiny new calendar.

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