How to Add a Role to a Team with no Contact


This article explains how to add a Team Memeber when you know the Role, but you don't know who will be filling it at this point.

1. Navigate to the Team Screen and Click "+ Team"

2. Type a Role and click "Add"

Without entering a Contact Name, type a Role under the Project Info section. Then click "Add".

Roles & Departments

Your new Team Member will appear in the list with the name (No Contact).

3. Add Their Name Later

Once you learn who will be filling that Role you can easily add in the Contact.

  1. Select the Team Member
  2. Click the "Update" button
  3. Click the "Swap Contact" button
  4. Type in the name of the Contact you'd like to add
  5. Clikc the green check-mark to save!

The Contact will appear everywhere in the Project that you've used that Role including in the Timeline and on all your Schedules!

Swap Contact
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