Working with the "Any/All" Selector in Filters


This article explores the "Any/All" Selector in the Filter Screen. For information about how to create and work with Filters, click here.

What is the "Any/All" Selector?

  • The "Any/All" Selector is a new option when creating Filter Schedules.
  • It lets you decide whether your Schedule should contain Tasks that match "Any" of your selected Tags or "All" of your selected Tags.
  • This provides you with more control over what you can include in your Schedules.
  • Let's look at a couple of examples:

Using "ANY" to create a Schedule for your Cast

Now let's say that you want to create a schedule for your cast that includes both Rehearsals and Performance Tasks.

In effect, what you want are Tasks that have been tagged with EITHER "Rehearsal" OR "Performance".

  1. Start by selecting your "Rehearsal" and "Performance" Categories.
  2. Now choose "ANY". This will tell Propared to include tasks with either the "Rehearsal" or "Performance" tags

Note: Each Task does not necessarily need to contain BOTH Categories.

Create a Filter
  1. Make sense? If not, give us a shout and we can walk through it together!
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